Saturday, February 28, 2009

How about two thumbs up your nose.

Hai2u. ^^
i iz sean kua. i is very kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~* (^_^)


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thanks guys!

A really big thank you to everyone who helped out in this video, especially Janson, Loong and Brandon for helping me out at the very last minute.

Thank you!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The end is near


Oh. And fellow March intakers, we are going to graduate from Foundation soon! That's IF we don't fail anything this semester. :)

BTW, does anyone have the exam schedule?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Mr Eric Cheong

Look who's birthday falls on Valentines Day! Our very own youth advisor. Probably the reason why he's so romantic with his superb singing and his guitar skills. My guitar hero and a gentle giant. But sorry girls. I think he's taken. Some other time maybe. :P There's always Raymond if you're interested. Haha. Anyway. Just wanted to wish you a very joyous birthday! God bless.


Genting 09'

To Sheng Jun, Sarah Woo, Hua Yu, Tongs and Weng Fai,

Looks like we have to part ways again. Time really does fly when you're having fun. Going to miss you all and the futsal games at Setia Alam as well as our takei sessions and gossiping around. But before you know it, we're all back together again. ;) Until then, do remember us and all the best in your respective universities and have fun Down Under.

Here to save the day

And I'm sorry Jun and Tongs for being a minute late. Just a minute difference and we could have sent you guys off. Ahh.

But it was worth sitting in Jaafar's Porsche Cayenne Sports and zooming in and out of lanes at an average speed of 180. Fastest we went was 220. Total time it took us was 22 minutes but sadly we missed you guys by a minute. But as consolation, we got to see chase after a convoy of some big ass officials. Somehow, Jaafar's car brings up the Rempit side in us. Hahaha. *Sorry mom! Hope you're not seeing this*

Don't we all just want to be one

My purpose in life is now complete. HAHA. :D Spent my Valentine's day with 6 guys and a Porsche Cayenne. Best date ever.

Still dreaming about Jaafar's car. Feel like marrying Jaafar and his Porsche.

Please marry me Jaafar.

BTW, Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Jizz in my pants

When I watch this video, I jizz in my pants.




Let the good times keep rolling

Hello all!

Gosh. Today must have been the hottest day of my life. Global warming starting to bite us all in the arse. And whenever its hot, mosquitoes seem to get stimulated. Stimulated mosquitoes trying to make love with my ear on a hot day is really REALLY annoying. If I had a flamethrower I'd barbecue them alive. The alternative would be for Malaysia to start snowing so that all the mosquitoes and cockroaches would die just like the dinosaurs.

FAT CHANCE of that happening. Damn it.


Its been a long time since the last post. Lets keep this blog alive shall we. :) Been lazing around a lot lately. Becoming more and more like a nightrider. Hahaha. Someone who does things only at night and sleeps during the day. Like the Asian batman but just without the cool gadgets, the hot Katie Holmes girlfriend, the butler, the Batmobile, a driving license and loads of money. Everything else seems the same, the looks, the body. :P Anyone want to do a movie out of me? :) Nonetheless I shall resolve to change my life and set my lifestyle straight once for all. The sudden departure of Markus really has brought matters to light. That the world is in fact real and that people are really dying out there as there are more serious matters compared to our puny problems.

Give thanks and be grateful that you're alive. Life is short, so go give your parents a hug. :)

Be grateful you are who you are :)

On a minor note. Had a productive and interesting day today at Blitzone with the DJ people. Celebrated Yong Meng's birthday in style. One to be remembered. Hahaha. Happy birthday Yong Meng! And thanks Joe Shen for saving our asses. Don't know what could have happened today without you. Pro.

Okay, I guess that's all for today. Dreamworld here I come!


Oh. Is anyone going for the Jason Mraz concert?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In loving memory


You were a hero to all of us. A man with many talents. You thought us how to play fair and to keep cool even when everything goes wrong. Someone with a big heart, ever willing to help those in need. You showed us how to love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ with your contagious positive attitude towards life, never complaining but always grateful. A man of God who accepts us for who we are. Slow to anger but abundant in love. Memories are all we have left of you as that's what left to hold.


You were always patient with me and if ever I have offended you, please do forgive me for I am sorry. You left us too soon. I didn't even get to spend much time with you. But I'm sure we will meet again someday.

I'll see you soon Markus.


In loving memory, Markus Ng
(1985 - 2009)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Louis the rock climbing monk

Happy belated birthday Louis! For those who hasn't seen him yet, this is Louis in his kinky new hairdo. Don't worry he shaved his head voluntarily and not because he was caught gambling. :P One smart dude. Hope you had a great birthday!


Li Foong the Korean drama queen

You're getting old Li Foong! 19 going on to 20 in a year's time. Ohmy. :P Haha. May you stay young at heart forever. And sleep more please. You're always up at odd hours in the morning watching Korean dramas. Hope you have a great birthday! :D

Red, red, red!

Hello all!

Sorry for the long disappearance. Didn't feel like blogging much lately. Suddenly had this sudden inspiration to blog today. Omg guys! I've got college again tomorrow! What a pity after such a long weekend break. :( I seem to be stuck in the Chinese New Year mode and I can't bring myself to sit down and study Business and Stats. 2 quizzes this week. Aih. Why lah! With the lovely red packets of love to the variety of addictive tidbits to the constant gambling, why can't Chinese New Year be everyday for a whole year. Such joy I tell you. :D

But it sucks if you're married though. HAHA!

Just a thought. :)


Decided to blog about my public enemy number 1 today.


That's like the freakiest and most ghastly thing alive. I wonder why did God even create cockroaches. Probably to remind us of the importance of cleanliness. Either way it has to be the most scariest thing alive. Look at those hairy legs and that ever moving antennae on its head. EEEEEEE YUCK! I prolly have a mild case of katsaridaphobia which stands for fear of cockroaches.

Makes this lady look like a cute little teddy bear

You can even make a horror movie about cockroaches by itself. Damn pests. And those adrenaline junkies/ghost hunters/thrill seekers wishing to find adventure, please go to the Taman Tun sewers where you can find loads and loads of them. I promise you will leave the place changed forever. Scarred for life prolly. After all, Taman Tun is land of the cockroaches + bird shit. If ever I have a nuclear bomb, I will without a doubt drop it in Taman Tun. *sorry JiaYang* :D

Besides that, cartoons like Oggy and the Cockroaches should be banned and censored from television for their negative influence in portraying cockroach as funny creatures. I see nothing funny in them. Do you? The producer should be shot for dirtying the minds of the younger generation. Making a blue movie would be less provocative compared to that cartoon.

Damn you

Well. For some of you thinking that I should grow a pair of balls, let me remind you why I detest and am so afraid of cockroaches. Especially those flying ones that fly right to your face in slow motion. When I was a child, my mother clamied that I picked up a cockroach from the floor and like any other baby, placed it in my mouth and ate it. That traumatic event has changed my life forever! Don't know what that pest did to me and my digestive system. :(

And another reason why I hate cockroaches is that it pops up everwhere you least expect it to appear. It ruins the food, MY MOOD, the environment, the atmosphere, EVERYTHING! Damn thing is so hard to kill also. Drowning doesn't even work on it. Could even survive radiation. Bloooody hell. Best way is to invent some inovative dish with cockroaches to people from China who eat everything. Cockroach legs with soy souce or sweet and sour cockroach shell. Before you know it, cockroaches are in the list of endangered species along with unicorns, pandas and dodo birds. BEST.

Need another reason to hate cockroaches, click here.


Got to run off and complete my assignments. See ya!

Saturday, January 31, 2009


To Elysia and Melissa, I am really sorry we couldn't make it to send you off. :( Regardless we really wish you all the best in your studies and even though we may be worlds apart, you will always be remembered among your friends back here.

To Elysia my BBBFF, please don't study so hard and stress yourself out with your studies. You are already a genius, with the grace of God of course, so don't overwork yourself alright. You nerd! Hope you make good use of the book I lent you and remember our date, Dec 2020. :D

All the best to both you Ang sisters!


COME ON REAL MADRID! Lets do this once and for all. I promise.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Come on!

Human com assignment, business quiz, business outline proposal, stats work.

Gosh. I'm so lazy.



Oh. And bug me to sleep early if you see me online late at night. Need to sleep more!

Hmmm. Maybe its time to find a gf?


Save a plastic bag, save the world

My title has nothing to do with my post. Useful reminder from Ruddy and J.J from Hitz f.m

Hello all!

Just had a looooooong day. Had a good outing today in Loong's house and Edmund's house. Thanks guys! Well, it looks like the Chinese New Year spirit has finally began to sink in. After all, we Chinese people have to support our Chinese culture of *ahem* making short term investments. $.$ Sadly, I wasn't feeling too good the whole day with the lack of sleep and the ongoing pain and suffering from the after Penang effects which symptoms are, a grouchy stomach and continuous trips to the bathroom to "ease the pain". Damn annoying wei! Feel like taking a plunger and sucking my intestines out through my lower rear end. Thank God for charcoal pills. The inventor of those pills must have been really desperate or in great pain to have come up with the idea of swallowing charcoal. Probably as frustrated as how I am right now. :S

Well. At least my business quiz was cancelled. But I still have to study for it. If only I had a pen that could answer every single question for me. I wish. :D


Ok it came back on. :D

Back to what I was talking about. I had such a rough day today that I had to resort to retail therapy. Thanks to Loong, C.C and Brandon for accompanying me. Got myself something nice! I'm so happy!! Heh x). I'm sorry for sounding like a bimbo but retail therapy really does help! :D :D

I love my life.


When we were having lunch at esquire kitchen, I have found out the truth about "gui ling gao" which I have discovered stands for herbal TURTLE jelly. OMG WEI! Its the turtle's back that they're eating and before that all I thought of was cincao. Probably made from grounded turtle shell? INHUMANE I TELL YOU. From now on, I will always remember to read the content label of any food and will brush up on my mandarin as to know what I'm eating as Chinese people are barbaric eaters. Damn too much Chinese people.

It doesn't even say, turtle meat inside. How are we supposed to know for those who are Bananas!

I know we should not waste food and all but this is overdoing it. Some even have the heart to eat man's best friend! Stupid dog eaters. Hope you cannot celebrate Father's day. Dogs are so adorable and for those who have the heart to eat it, shame on you. I don't even want to know what the future has in store for us.

See who we're influencing!

Soon we will be eating one another as delicacies. So disappointed. :( TURTLES LAH COME ON! Its different from eating chickens and cows. Hope the turtle haunts whoever who kills it. Flying turtle which haunts those shameless turtle killers. I'll even blow all my mucus on your face if I see you.

Serves you right, hope it bites off your crown jewels. Turtle killers.

Sorry for sounding so upset, my environmental side took over. But whats important is for us to not be like those China people and instead be the modern China people of the world. As we learn in business, as the demand rate goes down so does the supply. :D

In conclusion, say NO to Esquire Kitchen and Gui Ling Gao. Say YES to a better future. :D Undilah Barisan Nasional.

YEAH RIGHT. Keadilan pleasee.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So far so good?

Maybe not.

Suddenly struck with this massive food poisoning. Maybe that last plate of char kuey teow wasn't such a good idea. NO. It was still worth it. Hahaha. But its going to be a looooooooong way back to KL now. Omg. 5 hours in the car with my spasmic stomach. Freaking nightmare! I now fully am aware and sympathize with how girls feel when they're having their monthly specials. Pleasee pleasee someone press fast forward for this 5 hours. God bless me. See you in a bit.

Sarah I'm going to use your counting the hairs on my arms to fall asleep faster method. It better work.

Byee Penang foooooood. :(

Misery's company

Hello all!

Had a bit of insomnia-tic activity last night. Too much excess energy at 5.30 in the morning, add the fact that the mosquitoes were having a jolly good time sucking me. By sucking I mean sucking blood. :( why can't they suck my brother instead! Damn mean right. Biased mosquitoes. I'll kill you all tonight if you disturb me.


I was so desperate last night I decided to give the counting sheep method a go. Total failure man. Its bullshit. Counting sheep is so dreadfully boring. And tiring. Half way after a few thousand sheeps my mind must have wondered off and I had to start back from 1 again. Pissing off. Whoever came up with the idea of sheep counting as a replacement for sleeping pills deserves to be shot for fraud. Because of that sheep counting I was up until 6.30 and I was so sleepy today I missed the relatives who came over to visit. LESS ANG POWS! omggg. And an even angrier grandma. Shame on me. Sorry grandma. :(

Don't try it please.

Oh. Will be back tomorrow. But got to study for Business quiz and Human Com assignments needs to be done. Aih. Shaun is behind schedule in the 4th week of class.

Happy Birthday!

Chew the gentle giant :)

OMG You're 19 already! 2 more years and you're finally legally legal to do whatever you want. Think you can wait that long? HAHA. You look so adorable in this picture btw. All the best in working out and gaining those killer muscles you always wanted. Share those steroid pills with me please. :( but don't overdo it until you become like the poor chap below. Or maybe you're already at that stage. :D just a thought!

HAHA! That can't be Chew. Too skinny. :P


Grace the smart ace. :)

The smartest person you'll ever find in this whole wide world. She passed her accounts test even before the finals. Near perfect score. Beat that. My very own personal accounts teacher. Thank you Grace and happy birthday! And please stop studying so hard. Putting us all to shame. :(

You like those Christmas balls don't you. :P

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

An anorexic's worst nightmare

Hello all!

I'm currently at land of the lalamuizz and lalachaizzz right here in Penang. Started a bit of controversy today when I got up late. Just realized that it isn't nice to get up at 3pm when you're sleeping at your relatives place. Felt like I committed a terrible sin. Sorry everyone.

Today, I shall blog about the food I had the day before just like everybody else who blogs about food. Here goes

-Prawn Mee, Wan Thun Mee, Chinese Pancake with Milo Ice

-Indian Fried Mee, Indian Rojak

-Char Kuey Teow, Sa Hor Fan, Fried Oyster and Limau Ice

All this in 1 day after all I still am a growing boy.

On a sadder note, my right nose hole does not seem to be working, thus I only can taste HALF of my foods consumed. I know we are not supposed to have favourites but my left nose seems to have got a place in my heart because if it weren't for its workable hole I would not be able to taste anything here in Penang and that would be such a terrible waste. I ONLY NEED 1 HOLE and I'm a happy and contented boy. Like a boy in a candy store. More like a Chinese in Penang. Brings out the gluttony in all of us. Who needs fast food when we have PENANG food.

I love you!

I just wouldn't want to be my stomach and my annus when I have to digest and dispel the other products. ;) Sorry to give you additional work. And to top it up, I'm suffering from indigestion. HAHA! Time to start hibernating again till dinner time.

Oh. Thanks JYang for helping me yesterday. :)

Next stop!
Time to find some action!

As Abraham Lincoln or whoever said, "Make love not war."

See you later alligator!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Look what I found!

Suresh, Arnold, Nigel and I during primary school. Good times. :)

Gong Xi Fat Chai

OMG I DROPPED MY FISH! Feeling like shit now. So sorry Michael my pet fighting fish, named after Michael Loo Yeong Huei. :( I promise I'll give you more food.

Original Michael Loo


Hello all! Crashed over Huayu's house the night before. My last chance of meeting up with some of the Australian gang before we part ways again. Sucks I know. Moving on to a more lighter note, I bet most of you were thinking that I wouldn't make it in blogging this far. If so, shame on you. :P Not bad for a noobie blogger. But if only my Nuffnang counter would go up by a cent. Aihh. Sucks to be, I know.

Well. I'll be leaving for Penang tomorrow along with 3/4 of the population of Chinese Malaysians for the annual Chinese New Year reunion dinner. Penang is like the mother of all china people in Malaysia.To all travelling, have a safe trip and lets meet up along the NKVE highway! Mother wants to leave at 4a.m. Everyone would probably be thinking of the same thing and the roads would be clogged up at 4a.m but by 9a.m the roads would be empty. Damn smart right! Reverse psychology please.


Happy Chinese New Year and don't forget to pass me Angpows! :D

I'm going to come back and gain 10 000 kgs. God bless me.

Anyone still wants to be my friend?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My extra fit nose that likes to run

Please let us all put our hands together and pray that I don't fall sick again. That's the second time in a month that I caught flu. Nasty little bugger. :(

Oh. Had a little conversation with Chew today.

Please be informed that the money earned from advertisements from this blog would contribute for my driving license fees. :) Don't want to trouble my parents in case they have to go a month without food just to pay my fees. So please do visit more often!

And happy birthday to Philbert once again. SEDAP! hahaha. x)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Gayboy :)

Wei Sheng big boy liao! Hahaha. Stupid Cinderella and your curfew. Hope you have a good birthday.

and not forgetting

Nicest and bestest best friend forever in the whole wide world

Happy belated birthday Nick Yeow

Nick the Dick. Damn sexy lahh you. Remind me to spend you lunch when you see this alright. <33333

Greed is good

My 2009 Wish List

5. A funny dog

To laugh myself to sleep

4. Free petrol

Free petrol for all my friends

3. Driving license


2. My soul mate

Someone whom I can share all those things with

1. World Peace


I'm not a materialistic person after all. :)

Monday, January 19, 2009



I GOT INTO MALAYSIAN STUDIES! :) Thanks to whoever who dropped Malaysian Studies at the very last minute. I won't disappoint you, I promise. Buat baik dibalas baik. And if you're still scared about the men in tutus chasing you, do not be afraid. After all, Malaysia is an Islamic country and such things are forbidden here.


Fashion yang betul untuk memilih seluar dalam.
(picture taken from 1200 B.C)

Sorry got to run off and complete my assignments. Dearest mom has been asking me to sleep early and I think I should. Need to readjust my body clock. Getting a tad bit cranky followed by a lot of mood swings lately. Male PMS I suppose. Ahh!

Btw. Anyone interested in going for the Jason Mraz Concert? :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

If the shoe fits?


My hero, Hard Gay


Justin Mah Yung Wei

Please observe the direct resemblance between the 2 above, maybe in fact, the 2 are actually 1. What a conspiracy. Both so muscular yet gay at the same time. Looks like I foiled his secret identity. :P


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shake it


Our HMC Foundation just had our Jamboree Orientation Night last Friday. It was kinda fun I guess! A bit sad though how time flies just when we were getting used to our foundation course. 1 more semester *hopefully if I don't fail anything* and we each go our own separate ways. Awww! Hate the goodbyes. The saddest part of all was Ms Debbie leaving. Don't get me wrong, she was an awesome psychology teacher. :P WHY DID SHE HAD TO LEAVE LAH.

okay back to the orientation night

Loong and I arrived late which was surprising as normally we're always on time. :P so we kinda missed the earlier parts. There was a band, another band , another another band, Yusof the talented golden oldies singer, the asian David Copperfield and some fear factor competition with worms and chicken intestines and liver and heart and beetroot and all sorts of nasty ingredients. Organizers must have had a fetish for chicken intestines. And lastly another band with Mr Murali in it. The event was closed with some dancing but I don't dance as I am not a clubbing type of person. :)

Err. For those interested, photos are on facebook, too lazy to upload them here as I am a camera shy person. :P



The gentleman above represents the hopes and dreams of the next generation. Lets all be like him by logging on to click here and search for hard gay.

Don't worry, this isn't another one of those sicko websites like lemonparty. *wink wink*
-not that I actually go there, I must have heard about it- :P

Lets spread the love, hard gay style!


Moving on to more serious matters..

I love Man Utd. Don't you? :D

Oh and I'm on a streak now together with Kenny my sensei and JY Mai Sayang. And thanks Sarah for helping me out with my blog. Still getting used to it so bear with me. :)

I love my life


Hi. Guess who set up this blog and added the Cbox and Nuffnang and SiteMeter?

You owe me a farewell, Quah. :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Positive thinking

OMG! What a nightmare. Men in tutus chasing after me.

Can you imagine them chasing after you?

If not then please drop your Malaysian studies class and sign up for Ms Geetha's moral classes. :) I will be willing to sacrifice myself to take over your slot. But you've got to hurry! Look for Ms Grace, the nicest person you'll ever find at the admin desk before 12pm on Monday.

*only applicable if you're in HMC Foundation in Arts*



and thanks loong and brandon for temaning me today around HELP for that stupid slot.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A day at a time

Hello again!

Gosh. Its only the second post and I'm already starting to feel the laziness of updating a blog. How am i going to last till my first NUFFNANG cheque arrives. pleaseeeee someone teach me patience.


Had a pretty productive day today. Got up on the right side of the bed with all my clothes in tact, went to class, DID MY HOMEWORK *Mom I hope you're seeing this*, ate my vegetables and most importantly TAKEI! thanks to alric and kenny, such bad influences aren't they. ;)

kenny. is sastisfied with shaun's performance tonight too. says:
quite pro you tonight
not bad

Such a rare sight occassion when both Kenny and Jia Yang were both satisfied with how I played. Hahaha! Through all the tears, sweat and profanities they have stood by me to guide me and to teach me how to play.
The proudest moment of my life. What a perfect and balanced day. :D

Moving on to more pressing matters!

I seem to have a growth or some sort of swelling around my groin since after futsal the day before. Growth as in another growth and not the growth you dirty minded fellows are thinking about. For those who are still honestly blur, please remain the way you are and refrain from asking. Anyone have any idea what it is?


Diagram of an indirect, scrotal inguinal hernia (median view from the left).

By far the most common hernias (up to 75% of all abdominal hernias) are the so-called inguinal hernias. For a thorough understanding of inguinal hernias, much insight is needed in the anatomy of the inguinal canal. Inguinal hernias are further divided into the more common indirect inguinal hernia (2/3, depicted here), in which the inguinal canal is entered via a congenital weakness at its entrance (the internal inguinal ring), and the direct inguinal hernia type (1/3), where the hernia contents push through a weak spot in the back wall of the inguinal canal. Inguinal hernias are the most common type of hernia in both men and women. Femoral hernias occur more often in women than men, but women still get more inguinal hernias than femoral hernias.

Taken from click here.

I didn't understand a single word of it. All I know is that I'm never going to exercise with my boxers on. Guys please do take precaution as it hurts.

Probably why superman wears spandex, for extra protection to avoid hernia. Clever guy.

It goes both ways. Be safe, wear spandex. (lesson # 1)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Start of something new, I hope?


Since I am a patriotic citizen of Malaysia, I shall start blogging in our national language.
Cayalah kalian semua bahawa ini adalah kali pertama saya ber-blogging sepanjang hayat ku. Seronok tau. Tidak boleh jadi Katak di Bawah Tempurung mesti bermodern.

Screw this. English is the way to go. Direct translation giving me a headache, after all
I NO LONGER NEED TO USE BM ANYMORE! well exceptions for the essentials like; bang roti canai satu. :D the more I use BM the more primitive I feel, just like that chap above.

ANYWAY! Mark the start of 2009, I have made this major decision to pick up blogging. Seems like a good habit, no? Well lets see whether if we can even make it to our 10th post or by the end of Jan. :D Getting used to how all this work. Trying to spend some time practicing for my Human Com blog project as well as earning some money from NUFFNANG! *please please I sincerely am your biggest fan*

After all,
Advertisements + Blogger = Money + Happiness

love the sight of that. $.$
oh btw! anyone planning to drop Malaysian Studies? Please PLEASE let me know and I shall be eternally grateful
. Well at least until my Foundation course ends. :D