Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Chew the gentle giant :)

OMG You're 19 already! 2 more years and you're finally legally legal to do whatever you want. Think you can wait that long? HAHA. You look so adorable in this picture btw. All the best in working out and gaining those killer muscles you always wanted. Share those steroid pills with me please. :( but don't overdo it until you become like the poor chap below. Or maybe you're already at that stage. :D just a thought!

HAHA! That can't be Chew. Too skinny. :P


Grace the smart ace. :)

The smartest person you'll ever find in this whole wide world. She passed her accounts test even before the finals. Near perfect score. Beat that. My very own personal accounts teacher. Thank you Grace and happy birthday! And please stop studying so hard. Putting us all to shame. :(

You like those Christmas balls don't you. :P

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