Friday, January 23, 2009

Gong Xi Fat Chai

OMG I DROPPED MY FISH! Feeling like shit now. So sorry Michael my pet fighting fish, named after Michael Loo Yeong Huei. :( I promise I'll give you more food.

Original Michael Loo


Hello all! Crashed over Huayu's house the night before. My last chance of meeting up with some of the Australian gang before we part ways again. Sucks I know. Moving on to a more lighter note, I bet most of you were thinking that I wouldn't make it in blogging this far. If so, shame on you. :P Not bad for a noobie blogger. But if only my Nuffnang counter would go up by a cent. Aihh. Sucks to be, I know.

Well. I'll be leaving for Penang tomorrow along with 3/4 of the population of Chinese Malaysians for the annual Chinese New Year reunion dinner. Penang is like the mother of all china people in Malaysia.To all travelling, have a safe trip and lets meet up along the NKVE highway! Mother wants to leave at 4a.m. Everyone would probably be thinking of the same thing and the roads would be clogged up at 4a.m but by 9a.m the roads would be empty. Damn smart right! Reverse psychology please.


Happy Chinese New Year and don't forget to pass me Angpows! :D

I'm going to come back and gain 10 000 kgs. God bless me.

Anyone still wants to be my friend?

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