Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Misery's company

Hello all!

Had a bit of insomnia-tic activity last night. Too much excess energy at 5.30 in the morning, add the fact that the mosquitoes were having a jolly good time sucking me. By sucking I mean sucking blood. :( why can't they suck my brother instead! Damn mean right. Biased mosquitoes. I'll kill you all tonight if you disturb me.


I was so desperate last night I decided to give the counting sheep method a go. Total failure man. Its bullshit. Counting sheep is so dreadfully boring. And tiring. Half way after a few thousand sheeps my mind must have wondered off and I had to start back from 1 again. Pissing off. Whoever came up with the idea of sheep counting as a replacement for sleeping pills deserves to be shot for fraud. Because of that sheep counting I was up until 6.30 and I was so sleepy today I missed the relatives who came over to visit. LESS ANG POWS! omggg. And an even angrier grandma. Shame on me. Sorry grandma. :(

Don't try it please.

Oh. Will be back tomorrow. But got to study for Business quiz and Human Com assignments needs to be done. Aih. Shaun is behind schedule in the 4th week of class.

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