Thursday, January 29, 2009

Save a plastic bag, save the world

My title has nothing to do with my post. Useful reminder from Ruddy and J.J from Hitz f.m

Hello all!

Just had a looooooong day. Had a good outing today in Loong's house and Edmund's house. Thanks guys! Well, it looks like the Chinese New Year spirit has finally began to sink in. After all, we Chinese people have to support our Chinese culture of *ahem* making short term investments. $.$ Sadly, I wasn't feeling too good the whole day with the lack of sleep and the ongoing pain and suffering from the after Penang effects which symptoms are, a grouchy stomach and continuous trips to the bathroom to "ease the pain". Damn annoying wei! Feel like taking a plunger and sucking my intestines out through my lower rear end. Thank God for charcoal pills. The inventor of those pills must have been really desperate or in great pain to have come up with the idea of swallowing charcoal. Probably as frustrated as how I am right now. :S

Well. At least my business quiz was cancelled. But I still have to study for it. If only I had a pen that could answer every single question for me. I wish. :D


Ok it came back on. :D

Back to what I was talking about. I had such a rough day today that I had to resort to retail therapy. Thanks to Loong, C.C and Brandon for accompanying me. Got myself something nice! I'm so happy!! Heh x). I'm sorry for sounding like a bimbo but retail therapy really does help! :D :D

I love my life.


When we were having lunch at esquire kitchen, I have found out the truth about "gui ling gao" which I have discovered stands for herbal TURTLE jelly. OMG WEI! Its the turtle's back that they're eating and before that all I thought of was cincao. Probably made from grounded turtle shell? INHUMANE I TELL YOU. From now on, I will always remember to read the content label of any food and will brush up on my mandarin as to know what I'm eating as Chinese people are barbaric eaters. Damn too much Chinese people.

It doesn't even say, turtle meat inside. How are we supposed to know for those who are Bananas!

I know we should not waste food and all but this is overdoing it. Some even have the heart to eat man's best friend! Stupid dog eaters. Hope you cannot celebrate Father's day. Dogs are so adorable and for those who have the heart to eat it, shame on you. I don't even want to know what the future has in store for us.

See who we're influencing!

Soon we will be eating one another as delicacies. So disappointed. :( TURTLES LAH COME ON! Its different from eating chickens and cows. Hope the turtle haunts whoever who kills it. Flying turtle which haunts those shameless turtle killers. I'll even blow all my mucus on your face if I see you.

Serves you right, hope it bites off your crown jewels. Turtle killers.

Sorry for sounding so upset, my environmental side took over. But whats important is for us to not be like those China people and instead be the modern China people of the world. As we learn in business, as the demand rate goes down so does the supply. :D

In conclusion, say NO to Esquire Kitchen and Gui Ling Gao. Say YES to a better future. :D Undilah Barisan Nasional.

YEAH RIGHT. Keadilan pleasee.

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Michael said...

not bad not bad. you earn a position in my rss bookmarks for blogs because of this post.

and don't post my picture again!