Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shake it


Our HMC Foundation just had our Jamboree Orientation Night last Friday. It was kinda fun I guess! A bit sad though how time flies just when we were getting used to our foundation course. 1 more semester *hopefully if I don't fail anything* and we each go our own separate ways. Awww! Hate the goodbyes. The saddest part of all was Ms Debbie leaving. Don't get me wrong, she was an awesome psychology teacher. :P WHY DID SHE HAD TO LEAVE LAH.

okay back to the orientation night

Loong and I arrived late which was surprising as normally we're always on time. :P so we kinda missed the earlier parts. There was a band, another band , another another band, Yusof the talented golden oldies singer, the asian David Copperfield and some fear factor competition with worms and chicken intestines and liver and heart and beetroot and all sorts of nasty ingredients. Organizers must have had a fetish for chicken intestines. And lastly another band with Mr Murali in it. The event was closed with some dancing but I don't dance as I am not a clubbing type of person. :)

Err. For those interested, photos are on facebook, too lazy to upload them here as I am a camera shy person. :P



The gentleman above represents the hopes and dreams of the next generation. Lets all be like him by logging on to click here and search for hard gay.

Don't worry, this isn't another one of those sicko websites like lemonparty. *wink wink*
-not that I actually go there, I must have heard about it- :P

Lets spread the love, hard gay style!


Moving on to more serious matters..

I love Man Utd. Don't you? :D

Oh and I'm on a streak now together with Kenny my sensei and JY Mai Sayang. And thanks Sarah for helping me out with my blog. Still getting used to it so bear with me. :)

I love my life

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Jenn Chew said...

but you owe me lunch too -_-

nvm. life is very long.
we have a big number of lunches in our lives *nods*