Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Start of something new, I hope?


Since I am a patriotic citizen of Malaysia, I shall start blogging in our national language.
Cayalah kalian semua bahawa ini adalah kali pertama saya ber-blogging sepanjang hayat ku. Seronok tau. Tidak boleh jadi Katak di Bawah Tempurung mesti bermodern.

Screw this. English is the way to go. Direct translation giving me a headache, after all
I NO LONGER NEED TO USE BM ANYMORE! well exceptions for the essentials like; bang roti canai satu. :D the more I use BM the more primitive I feel, just like that chap above.

ANYWAY! Mark the start of 2009, I have made this major decision to pick up blogging. Seems like a good habit, no? Well lets see whether if we can even make it to our 10th post or by the end of Jan. :D Getting used to how all this work. Trying to spend some time practicing for my Human Com blog project as well as earning some money from NUFFNANG! *please please I sincerely am your biggest fan*

After all,
Advertisements + Blogger = Money + Happiness

love the sight of that. $.$
oh btw! anyone planning to drop Malaysian Studies? Please PLEASE let me know and I shall be eternally grateful
. Well at least until my Foundation course ends. :D


Sarah said...

Omgosh Quah. Not bad weih. :)

Anabelle said...

shaaaaaaaaaunn quaaaaaaaaaaaah. x)


adeline said...

hello shaun! remember me?

Shaun Quah said...

ahaha. hello! yup of course i do. adeline tan su lin. :P

hi anabel

hi sarah

James said...

the world is coming to an end. shaun's blogging is one of those signs