Friday, January 16, 2009

Positive thinking

OMG! What a nightmare. Men in tutus chasing after me.

Can you imagine them chasing after you?

If not then please drop your Malaysian studies class and sign up for Ms Geetha's moral classes. :) I will be willing to sacrifice myself to take over your slot. But you've got to hurry! Look for Ms Grace, the nicest person you'll ever find at the admin desk before 12pm on Monday.

*only applicable if you're in HMC Foundation in Arts*



and thanks loong and brandon for temaning me today around HELP for that stupid slot.


Jenn Chew said...

Shaun Quah Qian Ferng? Blogging?
Damn funny lah youu.
If this blog lasts til March,lunch is on me. Hahahaha.

Shaun Quah said...


camilyn said...


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