Saturday, February 28, 2009

How about two thumbs up your nose.

Hai2u. ^^
i iz sean kua. i is very kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~* (^_^)


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thanks guys!

A really big thank you to everyone who helped out in this video, especially Janson, Loong and Brandon for helping me out at the very last minute.

Thank you!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The end is near


Oh. And fellow March intakers, we are going to graduate from Foundation soon! That's IF we don't fail anything this semester. :)

BTW, does anyone have the exam schedule?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Mr Eric Cheong

Look who's birthday falls on Valentines Day! Our very own youth advisor. Probably the reason why he's so romantic with his superb singing and his guitar skills. My guitar hero and a gentle giant. But sorry girls. I think he's taken. Some other time maybe. :P There's always Raymond if you're interested. Haha. Anyway. Just wanted to wish you a very joyous birthday! God bless.


Genting 09'

To Sheng Jun, Sarah Woo, Hua Yu, Tongs and Weng Fai,

Looks like we have to part ways again. Time really does fly when you're having fun. Going to miss you all and the futsal games at Setia Alam as well as our takei sessions and gossiping around. But before you know it, we're all back together again. ;) Until then, do remember us and all the best in your respective universities and have fun Down Under.

Here to save the day

And I'm sorry Jun and Tongs for being a minute late. Just a minute difference and we could have sent you guys off. Ahh.

But it was worth sitting in Jaafar's Porsche Cayenne Sports and zooming in and out of lanes at an average speed of 180. Fastest we went was 220. Total time it took us was 22 minutes but sadly we missed you guys by a minute. But as consolation, we got to see chase after a convoy of some big ass officials. Somehow, Jaafar's car brings up the Rempit side in us. Hahaha. *Sorry mom! Hope you're not seeing this*

Don't we all just want to be one

My purpose in life is now complete. HAHA. :D Spent my Valentine's day with 6 guys and a Porsche Cayenne. Best date ever.

Still dreaming about Jaafar's car. Feel like marrying Jaafar and his Porsche.

Please marry me Jaafar.

BTW, Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Jizz in my pants

When I watch this video, I jizz in my pants.




Let the good times keep rolling

Hello all!

Gosh. Today must have been the hottest day of my life. Global warming starting to bite us all in the arse. And whenever its hot, mosquitoes seem to get stimulated. Stimulated mosquitoes trying to make love with my ear on a hot day is really REALLY annoying. If I had a flamethrower I'd barbecue them alive. The alternative would be for Malaysia to start snowing so that all the mosquitoes and cockroaches would die just like the dinosaurs.

FAT CHANCE of that happening. Damn it.


Its been a long time since the last post. Lets keep this blog alive shall we. :) Been lazing around a lot lately. Becoming more and more like a nightrider. Hahaha. Someone who does things only at night and sleeps during the day. Like the Asian batman but just without the cool gadgets, the hot Katie Holmes girlfriend, the butler, the Batmobile, a driving license and loads of money. Everything else seems the same, the looks, the body. :P Anyone want to do a movie out of me? :) Nonetheless I shall resolve to change my life and set my lifestyle straight once for all. The sudden departure of Markus really has brought matters to light. That the world is in fact real and that people are really dying out there as there are more serious matters compared to our puny problems.

Give thanks and be grateful that you're alive. Life is short, so go give your parents a hug. :)

Be grateful you are who you are :)

On a minor note. Had a productive and interesting day today at Blitzone with the DJ people. Celebrated Yong Meng's birthday in style. One to be remembered. Hahaha. Happy birthday Yong Meng! And thanks Joe Shen for saving our asses. Don't know what could have happened today without you. Pro.

Okay, I guess that's all for today. Dreamworld here I come!


Oh. Is anyone going for the Jason Mraz concert?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In loving memory


You were a hero to all of us. A man with many talents. You thought us how to play fair and to keep cool even when everything goes wrong. Someone with a big heart, ever willing to help those in need. You showed us how to love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ with your contagious positive attitude towards life, never complaining but always grateful. A man of God who accepts us for who we are. Slow to anger but abundant in love. Memories are all we have left of you as that's what left to hold.


You were always patient with me and if ever I have offended you, please do forgive me for I am sorry. You left us too soon. I didn't even get to spend much time with you. But I'm sure we will meet again someday.

I'll see you soon Markus.


In loving memory, Markus Ng
(1985 - 2009)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Louis the rock climbing monk

Happy belated birthday Louis! For those who hasn't seen him yet, this is Louis in his kinky new hairdo. Don't worry he shaved his head voluntarily and not because he was caught gambling. :P One smart dude. Hope you had a great birthday!


Li Foong the Korean drama queen

You're getting old Li Foong! 19 going on to 20 in a year's time. Ohmy. :P Haha. May you stay young at heart forever. And sleep more please. You're always up at odd hours in the morning watching Korean dramas. Hope you have a great birthday! :D

Red, red, red!

Hello all!

Sorry for the long disappearance. Didn't feel like blogging much lately. Suddenly had this sudden inspiration to blog today. Omg guys! I've got college again tomorrow! What a pity after such a long weekend break. :( I seem to be stuck in the Chinese New Year mode and I can't bring myself to sit down and study Business and Stats. 2 quizzes this week. Aih. Why lah! With the lovely red packets of love to the variety of addictive tidbits to the constant gambling, why can't Chinese New Year be everyday for a whole year. Such joy I tell you. :D

But it sucks if you're married though. HAHA!

Just a thought. :)


Decided to blog about my public enemy number 1 today.


That's like the freakiest and most ghastly thing alive. I wonder why did God even create cockroaches. Probably to remind us of the importance of cleanliness. Either way it has to be the most scariest thing alive. Look at those hairy legs and that ever moving antennae on its head. EEEEEEE YUCK! I prolly have a mild case of katsaridaphobia which stands for fear of cockroaches.

Makes this lady look like a cute little teddy bear

You can even make a horror movie about cockroaches by itself. Damn pests. And those adrenaline junkies/ghost hunters/thrill seekers wishing to find adventure, please go to the Taman Tun sewers where you can find loads and loads of them. I promise you will leave the place changed forever. Scarred for life prolly. After all, Taman Tun is land of the cockroaches + bird shit. If ever I have a nuclear bomb, I will without a doubt drop it in Taman Tun. *sorry JiaYang* :D

Besides that, cartoons like Oggy and the Cockroaches should be banned and censored from television for their negative influence in portraying cockroach as funny creatures. I see nothing funny in them. Do you? The producer should be shot for dirtying the minds of the younger generation. Making a blue movie would be less provocative compared to that cartoon.

Damn you

Well. For some of you thinking that I should grow a pair of balls, let me remind you why I detest and am so afraid of cockroaches. Especially those flying ones that fly right to your face in slow motion. When I was a child, my mother clamied that I picked up a cockroach from the floor and like any other baby, placed it in my mouth and ate it. That traumatic event has changed my life forever! Don't know what that pest did to me and my digestive system. :(

And another reason why I hate cockroaches is that it pops up everwhere you least expect it to appear. It ruins the food, MY MOOD, the environment, the atmosphere, EVERYTHING! Damn thing is so hard to kill also. Drowning doesn't even work on it. Could even survive radiation. Bloooody hell. Best way is to invent some inovative dish with cockroaches to people from China who eat everything. Cockroach legs with soy souce or sweet and sour cockroach shell. Before you know it, cockroaches are in the list of endangered species along with unicorns, pandas and dodo birds. BEST.

Need another reason to hate cockroaches, click here.


Got to run off and complete my assignments. See ya!