Saturday, January 24, 2009

An anorexic's worst nightmare

Hello all!

I'm currently at land of the lalamuizz and lalachaizzz right here in Penang. Started a bit of controversy today when I got up late. Just realized that it isn't nice to get up at 3pm when you're sleeping at your relatives place. Felt like I committed a terrible sin. Sorry everyone.

Today, I shall blog about the food I had the day before just like everybody else who blogs about food. Here goes

-Prawn Mee, Wan Thun Mee, Chinese Pancake with Milo Ice

-Indian Fried Mee, Indian Rojak

-Char Kuey Teow, Sa Hor Fan, Fried Oyster and Limau Ice

All this in 1 day after all I still am a growing boy.

On a sadder note, my right nose hole does not seem to be working, thus I only can taste HALF of my foods consumed. I know we are not supposed to have favourites but my left nose seems to have got a place in my heart because if it weren't for its workable hole I would not be able to taste anything here in Penang and that would be such a terrible waste. I ONLY NEED 1 HOLE and I'm a happy and contented boy. Like a boy in a candy store. More like a Chinese in Penang. Brings out the gluttony in all of us. Who needs fast food when we have PENANG food.

I love you!

I just wouldn't want to be my stomach and my annus when I have to digest and dispel the other products. ;) Sorry to give you additional work. And to top it up, I'm suffering from indigestion. HAHA! Time to start hibernating again till dinner time.

Oh. Thanks JYang for helping me yesterday. :)

Next stop!
Time to find some action!

As Abraham Lincoln or whoever said, "Make love not war."

See you later alligator!

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