Monday, February 9, 2009

Let the good times keep rolling

Hello all!

Gosh. Today must have been the hottest day of my life. Global warming starting to bite us all in the arse. And whenever its hot, mosquitoes seem to get stimulated. Stimulated mosquitoes trying to make love with my ear on a hot day is really REALLY annoying. If I had a flamethrower I'd barbecue them alive. The alternative would be for Malaysia to start snowing so that all the mosquitoes and cockroaches would die just like the dinosaurs.

FAT CHANCE of that happening. Damn it.


Its been a long time since the last post. Lets keep this blog alive shall we. :) Been lazing around a lot lately. Becoming more and more like a nightrider. Hahaha. Someone who does things only at night and sleeps during the day. Like the Asian batman but just without the cool gadgets, the hot Katie Holmes girlfriend, the butler, the Batmobile, a driving license and loads of money. Everything else seems the same, the looks, the body. :P Anyone want to do a movie out of me? :) Nonetheless I shall resolve to change my life and set my lifestyle straight once for all. The sudden departure of Markus really has brought matters to light. That the world is in fact real and that people are really dying out there as there are more serious matters compared to our puny problems.

Give thanks and be grateful that you're alive. Life is short, so go give your parents a hug. :)

Be grateful you are who you are :)

On a minor note. Had a productive and interesting day today at Blitzone with the DJ people. Celebrated Yong Meng's birthday in style. One to be remembered. Hahaha. Happy birthday Yong Meng! And thanks Joe Shen for saving our asses. Don't know what could have happened today without you. Pro.

Okay, I guess that's all for today. Dreamworld here I come!


Oh. Is anyone going for the Jason Mraz concert?

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mel k said...

how hot was this day???? :P cos seriously where i am it got up to 46.4 degrees...and there's bushfires still blazing in victoria.