Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Decided to blog about my public enemy number 1 today.


That's like the freakiest and most ghastly thing alive. I wonder why did God even create cockroaches. Probably to remind us of the importance of cleanliness. Either way it has to be the most scariest thing alive. Look at those hairy legs and that ever moving antennae on its head. EEEEEEE YUCK! I prolly have a mild case of katsaridaphobia which stands for fear of cockroaches.

Makes this lady look like a cute little teddy bear

You can even make a horror movie about cockroaches by itself. Damn pests. And those adrenaline junkies/ghost hunters/thrill seekers wishing to find adventure, please go to the Taman Tun sewers where you can find loads and loads of them. I promise you will leave the place changed forever. Scarred for life prolly. After all, Taman Tun is land of the cockroaches + bird shit. If ever I have a nuclear bomb, I will without a doubt drop it in Taman Tun. *sorry JiaYang* :D

Besides that, cartoons like Oggy and the Cockroaches should be banned and censored from television for their negative influence in portraying cockroach as funny creatures. I see nothing funny in them. Do you? The producer should be shot for dirtying the minds of the younger generation. Making a blue movie would be less provocative compared to that cartoon.

Damn you

Well. For some of you thinking that I should grow a pair of balls, let me remind you why I detest and am so afraid of cockroaches. Especially those flying ones that fly right to your face in slow motion. When I was a child, my mother clamied that I picked up a cockroach from the floor and like any other baby, placed it in my mouth and ate it. That traumatic event has changed my life forever! Don't know what that pest did to me and my digestive system. :(

And another reason why I hate cockroaches is that it pops up everwhere you least expect it to appear. It ruins the food, MY MOOD, the environment, the atmosphere, EVERYTHING! Damn thing is so hard to kill also. Drowning doesn't even work on it. Could even survive radiation. Bloooody hell. Best way is to invent some inovative dish with cockroaches to people from China who eat everything. Cockroach legs with soy souce or sweet and sour cockroach shell. Before you know it, cockroaches are in the list of endangered species along with unicorns, pandas and dodo birds. BEST.

Need another reason to hate cockroaches, click here.


Got to run off and complete my assignments. See ya!


James said...

shaun when u get married dont ask me to kill cockroach for u k ;)

Victoria said...

hahahaha shaun shaun! :D

Jenn Chew said...

Now I remember! Hahahaa.